Contract: Full time position | Salary: Based on experience | Location: Delft


Direct reporting line is to the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Laureus Sport for Good Netherlands (the “National Office”) Dotted reporting line to Global Director, Laureus Sport for Good


  • To spearhead the Laureus Sport for Good movement in Netherlands, promoting and carrying out the global vision and strategy
  • To lead all aspects of the National Office in Netherlands, ensuring that it sets and achieves programmatic and fundraising goals in the context of a national strategy which is supporting the Laureus Sport for Good movement
  • To ensure timely delivery of the [AJB programme] to a high standard in full compliance with the terms of the arrangements agreed with Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice and to work towards expansion and additional funding for the programme
  • To engage, inspire and organise a staff team which is capable of doing the above
  • To report accurately and communicate well with the National Office board of trustees, S4G Global Director and global team, Ministry of Security and Justice, additional programme partners, funders, local ambassadors and other stakeholders
  • To build one cohesive Laureus Sport for Good movement by ensuring compliance with S4G global policies
  • To ensure good standards of governance are set and maintained


Founding Belief Statement “Sport has the power to change the world.  It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.  It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.  It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination”  

Nelson Mandela 25 May 2000, Inaugural Laureus World Sports Awards, Monaco

Vision  “Using the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage. Proving that sport can change the world”


  • We support sport for development programmes which enhance the social and emotional development of children and young people in disadvantaged communities, reduce the impact of violence, conflict and discrimination in their lives, inspire healthy behaviour change and increase their educational achievements and employability skills
  • We strengthen the sport for development sector through impact measurement, research and knowledge-sharing
  • We highlight serious social issues faced by children and young people and unlock greater resources for the sector through effective advocacy and communications


  1. Leadership & Management
    • Lead, manage and run the National Office on a daily basis, ensuring it operates to the highest standards of performance and conforms with S4G policy and governance requirements
    • Manage the overall programmes, fundraising and support functions, including reviewing and refining management structures and overseeing the development and maintenance of operational procedures for individual projects and support functions
    • Ensure proper provision of suitable office premises and equipment necessary for the proper performance of the National Office’s activities
    • Negotiate with third parties for the provision of such services as are required to undertake activities to achieve the national strategy (to include financial, legal and other professional advice) on appropriate terms
  2. National Strategy
    • Taking into account community needs, funding potential and regional context, develop and keep under review at least annually a national strategy and annual budget for the National Office which is directed to achieve the aims, objectives and targets set out in S4G’s global vision and strategy
    • Present the national strategy and annual budget (and any updates to it) to the National Office’s board of trustees and S4G Global Director for input and approval
    • Adopt a framework to measure progress towards achieving the national strategy and report on progress to the National Office’s board of trustees and S4G Global Director
    • Input on and support annual discussions in relation to S4G’s global vision and strategy
    • Identify potential stakeholders and partners who are well placed to support achieving S4G’s vision in Netherlands and develop meaningful and supportive relationships with such stakeholders and partners
    • Ensure that all National Office staff, partners and other stakeholders understand the national strategy
  3. AJB Programme
    • Arrange for the orderly transition of the AJB programme from the Ministry of Security and Justice to be run by Laureus Sport for Good Netherlands
    • Ensure that all of the outputs and outcomes which are agreed with Ministry of Security and Justice are delivered in a timely way and within the agreed budget
    • Develop a strong relationship with the contact points at Ministry of Security and Justice and ensure that programme management, financial management, reporting, governance and other matters are properly conducted
    • Work closely in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam to ensure that monitoring and evaluation and research is in place to show the effectiveness of the programme
    • Seek other funders to invest in and expand the AJB programme
  4. Programme Management
    • Identify and support other sport for development programmes in addition to the AJB programme which are aligned with the national strategy and which fall within S4G’s global programme policy.  Such support should consist of grants responsibly made to programmes identification of areas for capacity development of the organisation which is running the programme
    • Ensure that a monitoring and evaluation plan is in place for each programme supported by the National Office to ensure that outcomes which are aligned with S4G’s global social focus areas are being achieved for the beneficiaries of the programme
    • Deploy S4G’s application, assessment and programme and grant management tools to quality assure sport for development programmes which are supported by the National Office
    • Ensure that all legitimate requirements of funders in relation to programme(s) which they are funding through the National Office are being fully met and that regular reporting is made to such funders
    • Ensure that programmatic information is captured and stored within S4G’s database in a way which complies with local laws and regulation and S4G’s global policies
  5. Staff Management
    • Appoint and lead an effective team with strong programme and grant management and fundraising skills and competencies within the agreed annual budget
    • Put in place a clear organisational chart and job descriptions and performance and development plans for each employee
    • Lead, inspire, manage and monitor the staff and volunteer team to ensure aims, objectives and targets are met
    • Line manage senior staff effectively
    • Ensure human resource management policies are in place and implemented in accordance with local laws and regulations
  6. Fundraising and Donor Relations
    • Develop a fundraising plan which supports the national strategy and annual budget and present it to the National Office’s board of trustees and S4G Global Director for input and approval. This plan needs to include:
      • a clear pathway to generating sufficient funding to implement the national strategy
      • mapping local charities, institutions, corporate CSR schemes, government initiatives and other funding potentially available to support sport for development programmes in country
      • identifying fundraising events which will generate profit
      • creative ways to engage the Global Partners, their employees, distributors and clients
      • measureable targets
    • Report regularly on progress against the fundraising plan to the National Offices board of trustees and the S4G Global Director
    • Develop a strong relationship with in-country representatives of the Global Sponsors (Richemont and Daimler) with a view to securing funding or increased funding from the Global Sponsors
    • Support S4G global fundraising initiatives where requested in relation to Netherlands
  7. Financial Management
    • Ensure proper financial management of the National Office, including the integrity of internal financial systems
    • Manage the budget at team level, setting individual targets and objectives
    • Manage all expenditure to ensure that available revenue is efficiently, effectively and ethically applied to achieving the outcomes and targets in the national strategy
    • Ensure that salaries and associated pension, income tax and other local taxes are appropriately administered
    • Support the audit of accounts in liaison with S4G finance team and within the guidelines of current legislation
    • Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations and S4G global finance policies
  8. Reporting
    • Report regularly to the National Office’s board of trustees on programmes, finances, fundraising and other matters requested by the board of trustees
    • Report regularly to S4G Global Director on programme quality and impact, progress against annual budgets and the national strategy, fundraising events and any other areas identified by S4G Global Director using S4G global reporting templates and dashboard(s)
    • Ensure any local reporting requirements are satisfied promptly and fully
  9. Governance
    • Account accurately and promptly to the National Office board of trustees and S4G Global Director  4 times per year on the overall performance of the National Office, including giving updates on any significant changes or cause for concern between the regular reporting cycle
    • Identify and keep risks under regular review, taking appropriate steps to remove them where possible or reduce them to an acceptable level
    • Ensure that the National Office complies with all of the obligations set out in the framework agreement between the National Office and S4G Global
    • Support the National Office’s board of trustees in carrying out their governance responsibilities, in particular by:
      • Arranging regular meetings of the board of trustees (quarterly at least or more often if requested by the National Office board)
      • Keeping and promptly distributing accurate minutes in the local language and in English to the National Office board of trustees and the S4G Global Director
      • In conjunction with S4G global finance team, preparing and submitting statutory annual reports
      • Supporting the National Office board of trustees (and any board sub-committees) in following the terms of the National Office’s bylaws and/or other corporate documentation and policies
      • Ensuring compliance with S4G Global Governance Policy (e.g. deploying governance tools, adopting a board charter and properly inducting new National Office trustees and arranging board trainings for trustees etc)
    • Keep under review developments in charity law and corporate governance practice which might affect the National Office and ensure that board of trustees is fully briefed
    • Generally ensuring compliance by the National Office with all appropriate legal and regulatory requirements (e.g. child protection) and promoting such compliance by programme partners
  10. Communications
    • Represent the National Office and, more broadly, the S4G global movement in a professional manner, in compliance with S4G global communications and brand policy and in close alignment with S4G’s global vision, mission, values and strategy
    • Ensure effective communication between the board of trustees and the staff team
    • Network effectively, seeking and cultivating new emerging opportunities and contacts 
    • Maintain and develop good relationships with existing and potential funders and donors, corporate partners, ambassadors, programme partners, government and other stakeholders
    • Work closely with S4G global communications team, identifying and pursuing opportunities to promote sport as a development tool, including through stories of transformation of beneficiaries through projects
    • Work closely with the global partners to find innovative ways of engaging and inspiring their employees, distributors and clients with the work done by Laureus Sport for Good



  • National Office board of trustees
  • S4G Global Director
  • S4G national foundations teams
  • Laureus World Sports Awards communications, TV and marketing team (London)
  • Laureus Academy team (London)
  • Global Patrons


  • Sport for development practitioners and programme providers in Netherlands (whether or not funded by the National Office)
  • Potential and actual funders and donors
  • Ministry of Security and Justice (and other relevant local and national Government agencies and individuals)
  • Fundraising Event participants
  • Laureus Academy Members
  • Local Ambassadors
  • Local, regional and national media
  • Regulators
  • Sport for development coalitions and interest and pressure groups
  • Sports governing bodies
  • Professional advisers
  • University of Amsterdam and other academics, think tanks and research groups interested in sport for development



  • Fluent in Dutch
  • Good oral and written English
  • Budget preparation and budget management experience
  • Demonstrable commercial awareness, preferably gained from working in a corporate/commercial environment
  • At least 3 years’ experience of grant management, programme management and/or project management
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent leadership and team building and management skills
  • Proven experience of managing a range of diverse external stakeholders expectations without deviating from the organisation’s vision, mission and strategy
  • Ability to liaise with people of all social classes and backgrounds
  • Proven track record developing high profile and high impact multi-sector partnerships
  • Strong strategic and analytic skills


  • Experience of strategy formation and leading a strategic planning process
  • Experience of commissioning research and developing/supporting knowledge sharing frameworks
  • Knowledge of social impact monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience of reporting to a board of trustees
  • Experience of grant-making and grant management
  • Experience of working for a charity
  • Overseas field experience in a developing country  
  • Experience of fundraising/managing fundraisers


  • A passion to work hard to transform the lives of children and young people who are subject to violence, discrimination and/or disadvantage
  • Highly collaborative team player able to quickly create positive working relations with partners and staff at every level and to forge close working links with the S4G global team and S4G teams in other countries
  • Fast learner, able to absorb information quickly and learn on the job
  • Leadership with confidence and humility
  • Committed and dynamic with a ‘can do’ attitude, and strong problem solving skills
  • Credible spokesperson with the gravitas to win trust and communicate effectively to high level stakeholders, international audiences and potential funders

This is a leading Laureus Sport for Good role and the person undertaking it must model the following values:

Teamwork – we will engage in relationships of mutual trust and support: by recognising and valuing the importance of each team member within Sport for Good, the wider Laureus family, our programme partners, our global partners and our wider stakeholder group

Responsible stewardship – we will take good care of the trust placed in us: relating to our brand and reputation; the financial resources entrusted to us; the talents of our staff; and the trust placed in us by beneficiaries and other stakeholders

Innovative leadership – we will be innovative leaders: unafraid to pioneer new ways of addressing social challenges, with new partners, in new territories; leading in our monitoring, evaluation and research and in building like-minded coalition; and raising our voices and influence to grow the use of sport for development and societal transformation

Beneficiary focussed – we will put the interests of beneficiaries first: in our everyday work, the programmes we fund, our research, our advocacy and our communications and marketing

Excellence – we will be excellent in everything we do: in the standards to which we perform all our activities and in all our outputs, in our stewardship of funds invested through us for social change, in our engagement with programme participants, in our development of staff and partners and in every other aspect of Laureus Sport for Good

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